George Floyd Mural and Vigil

George Floyd #wecantbreathe

This month I had intended to write about my experience working for a Private Equity backed turnaround that filed bankruptcy. I had expected to write about this last month but felt addressing my experience changing jobs during the...

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Coffee Cup and Name tag

Building Your Personal Network

During the first .com bust in the early 2000’s I thought that I had built a strong network. When my start-up’s public offering was pulled, and after the 3rd round of layoffs, I knew I had to find a new job. As I...

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Feedback as a gift

Why can’t we just be honest?

How many times have you heard that “Feedback is a Gift”? When I was working at Target Corporation, this phrase was used so many times, that I had more gifts than I knew what to do with. Feedback piled up in the corner to the...

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Focus Your culture - Opinion leadership concept. Red paper plane leading another ones, influencing the crowd, white background, top view with free space

Focus Your Culture

Andy Grove had it right when he outlined the approach to Objectives and Key Results (OKR) management in his 1980’s book High Output Management. Setting objectives for the company, department, and individual with measurable...

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